We are a growing church located in the town of Ballymena, Northern Ireland.  Our church began in 1973 and today approximately 300 families make up our church ‘family’.  We’d be the first to admit that we’re by no means the perfect church family, but that’s what we try to be: a 'family' of Jesus' followers made up of all types of people, of all different ages, from all different backgrounds, with all different stories -  all united by our desire to live as whole-life followers of Jesus who LOVE GOD, LOVE EACH OTHER, and LOVE GOD’S WORLD.

-       We aim to love God wholeheartedly because in Jesus He has first loved us.  Loving Him means valuing Him above all else, enjoying Him, getting to know Him better, and walking in obedience.

-       We aim to love each other sacrificially as Jesus has loved us, by being committed to each other, encouraging each other, praying for each other, and offering practical help to those in need

-       We aim to love God’s world generously, locally and globally, by showing respect to everyone, being committed to doing whatever is good, and by sharing the good news of Jesus.

Ballyloughan Church meets on the Doury Road, Ballymena - opposite Dunclug College Dunclug Primary School, and Dunclug Nursery School. Click on the map below to zoom in on our location.