“We have no power...we do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you” (2 Chronicles 20:12)

Such was the humble and desperate prayer of the people of God in the past and in response God provided a breakthrough.  Before we launch into autumn with all of its activities, we’re asking you to join with us in humility before God asking Him to bring breakthrough into people’s lives in the coming weeks and months, for His glory.  We have a range of prayer opportunities planned for our breakthrough week of prayer...

Sunday 2nd Sept at 11.00am.  An All-in service during which we'll set the scene for our breakthrough week of prayer.  Followed by a church family lunch.

Sunday 2nd Sept at 6.00pm:  Prayer Walk.  All ages welcome to join us as in pairs / triplets / families we walk a route around our community, praying for various needs along the way.  Bring comfy shoes & a raincoat!

Wednesday 5th Sept at 7.30pm:  Prayer Central.  Meeting in the main church building, lasting until approximately 9.30pm, we'll have time a time of worship, time for you to pray together with others and be prayed for.

Friday 7th Sept noon - Saturday 8th Sept noon:  24 hours of prayer.  We’ll be setting up the youth room as a prayer room with various prompts for prayer which you can come into at any time during this 24 hour period.  While you can pop in any time, we’d love to make sure that all of the 24 hours are covered.  If you as an individual or as an organisation would like to sign up for a slot, you can do so at the information desk or by clicking here.

All week: 1010 Prayer.  An invitation to set the alarm on your watch / phone during our week of prayer for 10.00am and 10.00pm - when your alarm goes off, pray briefly for some aspect of our church’s life and witness.  Clip or tap on the graphic to save it to your Smartphone.


Song for the week...