VISION 50: Thankful for the past, building into the future

As a church family we will, God-willing in 2023, reach our 50th anniversary. This will be a noteworthy milestone for our church, one which we will celebrate with thankfulness to God for the commitment of the leadership and members of our church family since its beginnings. At the same time we have a growing conviction that there are even better days to come, so long as we step forward as a congregation with the Lord in faith, courage, innovation and humble dependence on Him.

One of the ways we want to build into the future is by developing church buildings which will facilitate meaningful and relevant ministry for the decades to come.

Our plans to redevelop our church buildings were launched to the congregation on 31st March 2019 and agreed at a congregational meeting on 1st May. Details of the refurbishment are available by clicking here for the Vision 50 booklet.

Click here for the ‘Vision 50: Considering your response’ tool which will help you think through how you might respond to the project.